::Upcoming Event's

02-28-2017 LIVE 11:30 am 26th Anniversary Desert Storm Remembrance Ceremony (Honoring the Illinois Fallen) Capitol Rotunda Springfield

02-28-2017 LIVE 12:00 pm Senate Floor Debate Coverage

03-01-2017 LIVE 9:00 am Senate Human Services Committee Hearing (SB73 - Drug Manufacturer Prices, SB1386 - Medicaid - Hospital Assessments) Room 409 Springfield

03-01-2017 LIVE 12:00 pm Senate Floor Debate Coverage

03-01-2017 LIVE 1:00 pm Senate Executive Committee Hearing (SB870 - Senate Rules - Carry Forward, SB1127 - Open Meeting Exceptions) Room 212 Springfield

03-01-2017 LIVE 3:30 pm Senate Education Committee Hearing (SB704 - Unnecessary Arrests, SB1223 - Accelerated Placement Act) Room 212 Springfield

03-02-2017 LIVE 12:00 pm Senate Floor Debate Coverage

03-03-2017 LIVE 10:00 am House Elections & Campaign Finance Committee Hearing (Subject Matter - Elections) Room C-600 Chicago

03-07-2017 LIVE 10:30 am Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability Meeting (2018 Economic Forecast and Revenue Estimate) Room 413 Springfield

03-07-2017 LIVE 12:00 pm Senate Floor Debate Coverage

03-07-2017 LIVE 12:00 pm House Floor Debate Coverage

03-08-2017 LIVE 8:00 am House Human Services Committee Hearing (HB282 - Abortion Limitations, HB403 - Link Photo Card) Room 114 Springfield

03-08-2017 LIVE 10:00 am House Executive Committee Hearing (HB3106 - Supreme Court - Marshal Powers, HB2878 - Liquor Violations, HB3222 - JCAR - Rule Review) Room 118 Springfield

03-08-2017 LIVE 11:00 am Joint House-Senate Floor Coverage (Cubs 2016 World Series Trophy Visit)

03-09-2017 LIVE 8:30 am House Aging Committee Hearing
Subject Matter - The Community Reinvestment Program) Room 118 Springfield

03-09-2017 LIVE 8:30 am House Revenue & Finance Committee Hearing (HB287 - Property Tax Bills - Pension, HB380 - Estate Tax Exclusion) Room 122B Springfield

03-09-2017 LIVE 12:00 pm Senate Floor Debate Coverage

03-09-2017 LIVE 12:00 pm House Floor Debate Coverage


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