02-20-2015 LIVE 10:00am House Floor Debate
02-20-2015 LIVE 10:30 am Cong. Rodney Davis Press Conference (General update on Congress)
02-1-2015 House Elementary & Secondary Education (School Curriculum & Policies, HB 163 SCH-CD-No Race Based Standards)
02-19-2015 Rep. Monique Davis Press Conference (Jackie Robinson Little League)
02-19-2015 Illinois Environmental Council (Environmental Issues)
02-19-2015 House Floor Debate
02-19-2015 Senate Floor Debate
02-19-2015 Illinois Action for Children Rally (Child Care Assistance Program)
02-18-2015 Illinois Lawmakers (Budget Address Simulcast Broadcast)
02-18-2015 Governor's Budget Address
02-18-2015 Governor's Budget Address Democratic Legislative Reaction
02-18-2015 Governor's Budget Address Republican Legislative Reaction
02-18-2015 House Speaker Madigan Press Conference (Budget Reaction)
02-17-2015 Citizen Action Illinois Press Conference (Taxes)
02-17-2015 Senate Floor Debate
02-17-2015 Senate Human Services Committee(SB98 DHS-Child Care Provider Rates, SB752 DCFS-Child Abuse Rpts-Expunge)
02-12-2015 Sen. Barickman and Sen. Manar Press Conference (Evidence Based Education Funding Proposal)

02-11-2015 Governor Rauner Executive Order Signing (Criminal Justice Reform)
02-10-2015 Senate Executive Appointments Committee Hearing (Appointments)
02-09-2015 Gov Rauner Press Conference (Unfair Share Dues for State Employees)
02-05-2015 Senate Appropriations Committee (FY15 Funding Gap For the Child Care Assistance Program, Impact To Providers)
02-05-2015 Supplier Diversity Coalition Press Conference (Minority Business)
02-05-2015 Senate Floor Debate Coverage
02-05-2015  Illinois Environmental Council Press Conference (Energy Issues)
 02-04-2015 Senate Human Services Committee (SB-10 DHS-Drug Overdose Prevention, SB-12 Aging-DHS-Minimum Wage Rate)
02-04-2015 LIVE 12:00 pm PBS Illinois Lawmakers (State of the State Simulcast Broadcast)
02-04-2015 LIVE 12:00 pm State of The State Address
02-04-2015 LIVE 01:00 pm State of The State Democratic Legislative Reaction
02-04-2015 LIVE 01:00 pm State of The State Republican Legislative Reaction
02-03-2015 Senate Floor Debate Coverage
02-03-2015 Sen. Andy Manar Press Conference (Education Funding Legislation)
02-02-2015 Rep. Ron Sandack Press Conference (Taxpayer Protection Legislation)
01-29-2015 Gov. Bruce Rauner Event Coverage (Outline of States Structural Challenges)
01-29-2015 Illinois Fire Services Association Press Conference (Opposing Legalization of Fireworks & Burn Awareness Week)
01-28-2015 LIVE 12:00 pm House Floor Debate Coverage
01-27-2015 House Rules Committee Hearing (Rules for the 99th General Assembly)
01-24-2015 Gov. Rauner Media Availability (Gov. Brings Family Dogs to the Executive Mansion)
01-22-2015 Gov. Rauner Presentation Regarding the State’s Structural Challenges

01-15-2015 Gov. Rauner Press Conference (Executive Order Signing)
01-15-2015 House Floor Debate Coverage
01-14-2015 99th General Assembly (House Swearing In Ceremony)
01-14-2015 99th General Assembly (Senate Swearing In Ceremony)
01-13-2015 Senate Floor Debate Coverage
01-13-2015 Gov. Bruce Rauner
(Executive Order on Ethics and Accountability in the Executive Branch)
01-13-2015 Rep. Lou Lang (Medical Marijuana)
01-12-2015 Inaugural Event (Inter-Faith Prayer Service) 10:30 am First Presbyterian Church
01-12-2015 Illinois Inauguration Ceremony
01-12-2015 Inaugural Event (Signing of the Oath of Office)
01-12-2015 Illinois Inaugural Concert Coverage

01-08-2015 10:00 am Senate Executive Committee (Special Election Legislation)
01-08-2015 10:30 am House Executive Committee (
Special Election Legislation)
01-08-2015 11:00 am Special Legislative Session House
01-08-2015 11:00 am Special Legislative Session Senate
01-07-2015 Joint Senate Approp I / Human Services Committee Hearing (Documented Abuse at DCFS Residential Facilities)

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