03-27-2014 House Appropriations-Higher Education Committee (FY 15 Higher Education Budget.)
03-26-2014 Budget Address
03-26-2014 Budget Address Democratic Legislative Reaction
03-26-2014 Budget Address Republican Legislative Reaction
2014 House Judiciary Committee (HJRCA0001 CRIME VICTIMS RIGHTS)
03-25-2014 Senate Public Health Committee Hearing (SB2636 Medical Marijuana)
03-25-2014 Sen. Harmon Press Conference (Fair Tax Legislation)

03-25-2014 House Floor Debate Coverage
03-25-2014 Sen. Sandoval & Rep. Zalewski Press Conference (Legislation Introduction)

03-24-2014 House Human Services Committee (HB5487 DCFS-Abuse Reports, HB5975 Medicaid Billing Claims) 
03-24-2014 House Floor Debate Coverage
03-21-2014 House Floor Debate Coverage
03-21-2014 Senate Floor Debate Coverage
03-21-2014 Senate Appropriations I&II (Joint Hearing on FY15 pressures and Potential Impact of Budget Reductions)
03-21-2014 House Appropriations - Higher Education Committee  (FY 15 Higher Education Budget)

03-20-2014 Speaker Madigan Press Conference on a 3% surcharge on income over 1 million for education.
03-20-2014 House Floor Debate Coverage
03-20-2014 Senate Floor Debate Coverage

03-20-2014 House Human Services Committee Hearing (HB5467 DCFS-Abuse Reports, HB5682 SNAP Application Fraud)
03-20-2014 Breakfast @65 West Post Primary Election Forum (Election Review)
03-19-2014 House Floor Debate Coverage
03-19-2014 Senate Floor Debate Coverage
03-19-2014 House Appropriations - Elementary & Secondary Education Committee  (Bilingual Education, Early Childhood Education, Homeless Education)

03-19-2014 American Cancer Society (Physical Education Public Opinion Poll)
03-19-2014 Shared Parenting Organization (HB 5425 Shared Parenting Bill)

03-18-2014 Bruce Rauner HQ Primary Night Coverage
03-18-2014 Kirk Dillard HQ Primary Night Coverage
03-13-2014 Breakfast @ 65 West Guest Speaker (Sen. John Cullerton)
03-11-2014 Candidate For Governor Sen. Bill Brady Press Conference

03-06-2014 Illinois Lottery Press Conference (New Game Announcement)
03-06-2014 Senate Floor Debate
03-06-2014 House Floor Debate
03-06-2014 Senators Rose, Althoff and Murphy Press Conference (CPS Audit Findings)
03-05-2014 Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day  March & Rally

03-05-2014 House Elementary & Secondary Education Committee Hearing (HB3724 HEALTH Education CPR/AED Training)
03-05-2014 Senate Floor Debate
03-05-2014 Illinois Rifle Association Press Conference (Lobby Day)
03-04-2014 Senate Human Services Committee Hearing (DCFS Annual Progress Report, Abused Child Reporter Training)
03-04-2014 House Appropriations-Elementary & Secondary Education Committee Hearing (Mandated Categoricals)
03-04-2014 House Floor Debate
03-04-2014 Senate Floor Debate

03-04-2014 House Heroin Task Force Meeting